Welcome to CommUNITY.  This online social CommUNITY from www.wecanunitenow.org and www.iamthehelp.org seeks to provide a place where people who actually know one another and share common interests can connect, share ideas and experiences.  We want to use this platform to keep what is best about other social media platforms, and discard the rest.  We can and must be better human beings who interact with one another in ways that encourage and uplift.


This site is advertising free, and we aim to keep it that way.  It is also a free service to you, and with that in mind, we’ve made decisions about some possible options to limit or disable.  We’ve kept CommUNITY as simple as possible.  You can share links to videos on other popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Flickr, but cannot upload video files on CommUNITY.  The quantity and maximum size of photos is also limited by choice.  Our desired members include family groups, networks of neighbors or friends who share a common project or interest, and people who are active in their communities doing good for others.  You inspire us, and we want to help you stay in touch and be effective building relationships and accomplishing your mission.

Your privacy is important to us.  We will not share or use your information without your express permission. Participation in this online social CommUNITY is for individuals 13 years of age or older only, and CommUNITY reserves the right to refuse service by deleting or blocking users or deleting posts, comments and other content when those people abuse the purpose for which this site was created.  We seek to maintain a respectful dialogue, and avoid topics that are divisive, profane, or offensive to reasonable people.   By participating in Groups on CommUNITY, you are also subject to rules established and moderated by group administrators.  By creating a Group on CommUNITY, you become a key part of the team that keeps this a safe and happy place to be online.  Please be smart and kind about what you share online, what you post and comment, and with whom you choose to make connections here or on other social media platforms.  Please show respect for the intellectual property rights of others by ensuring that you have the rights or permission to content created by them.

Thanks, and again – welcome to CommUNITY.